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Poster: teledemic Date: Aug 15, 2019 8:40pm
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Search weighting?

Is something going on behind the scenes that boosts certain search terms in the advanced search for a random sort? I am searching for records from the georgeblood collection with quality of "very good" OR "near mint", but the only results returned are always "near mint".
The query part looks like:
collection:georgeblood AND condition:("very good" OR "near%20mint")
Order of the terms does not matter.

Example urls:"very good"%20OR%20"near%20mint")&sort[]=__random+asc&rows=100&page=1&output=json&fl[]=identifier&fl[]=condition

All 100 "random" results are always "near mint". If I boost the "very good" term to ^4 or above, then it takes over:"very good"^4%20OR%20"near%20mint")&sort[]=__random+asc&rows=100&page=1&output=json&fl[]=identifier&fl[]=condition

I just want results that are proportionally from both conditions.

Thank you!